Thursday, September 29, 2011

Adeline and Pops

Another good day!  Adeline kept all her feeds down, and she got to go on another stroller ride outside.  Adeline is currently enjoying night #2 with Pops (my dad).  I think he really enjoys staying with her, and it allows me a good night of sleep.  Even the nurses on the unit refer to him as Pops.  Thanks Pops!!  I'm sure Adeline is already working on getting him wrapped around her finger.

Pops with his first granddaughter

Zonked out after a feeding and real clothes on!


  1. The pictures of you dad with Adeline are so cute! He isn't wrapped already is he?! =) You look so good, Christin. So thankful that Adeline is keeping all of her feedings down - I know that has to be a real comfort for Mommy and Daddy. Love to you all from the Gaymons!

  2. Dear Christin,
    I just love being able to keep up with Adeline's progress! Through the ups and downs, you all are so nurturing and loving! God's love and care is all around Adeline! I'm so glad her feeding is going so well, as she continues to get bigger and stronger.
    Love to all of you, Beth