Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Days

We've had a quiet weekend, and in the hospital world, that's a good thing.  Adeline's feeds have been compressed to 30 minutes (the volume she initially got over 3 hours, she now gets over 30 minutes to prepare her stomach for a true feeding), and she's done great with all of her feeds.  Tomorrow morning is the big swallow study.  This will tell us how well Adeline swallows liquids and the consistency that she can handle.  During the swallow study, they will also check on her vocal chords to make sure they don't cause any problems with her swallowing.  ENT decided not to scope her again for a few months because scoping her again at this point wouldn't tell them much, and they didn't want to put her through it again.  We do think that her cry continues to get stronger and stronger though! 

Adeline and I had a little pep talk earlier about her swallow study in the morning.  I told her that she's going to knock it out of the park :)  The swallow study is the big step before taking feeds by mouth and busting out of this place.  The OT told me that it's not a matter of passing or failing - it tells them if her milk needs to be thickened or not.  So hopefully tomorrow at some point Adeline will finally get a bottle!  I think she'll love it and will realize what she's been missing out on.  If all goes well tomorrow, home will be even closer, and we are all ready to be there!! 

Here are lots of pictures of our sweet little girl for you to enjoy :)

Trying out another pair of sunglasses - just a little big!

Notice the red hair?

Not sure what she's looking at but it must be interesting

So serious

Already a genius - reading away!

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  1. GO Addie, GO Addie, Go Addie. the cheering section from Columbia. Good luck today on feeding.