Monday, October 3, 2011

One Month!

Adeline is one month old today!  In celebration of her one month birthday, she took to the bottle like a champ!!  She did well during the swallow study - she does have to have the breast milk thickened with rice cereal because she can't have thin liquids quite yet, but we'll take it.  Normally when they try bottles for the first time, they rotate bottle feedings and tube feedings.  Well little miss Adeline is going "against protocol" and is getting feeds back to back from the bottle.  We're trying feeding her on demand.  The speech pathologist and I laughed at her because she loves the bottle and gets very mad when you take it away from her.  She quickly realized what she's been missing out on the past month.  She's done great so far of waking when she is hungry, and she's definitely staying on her three hour schedule.  It takes a lot of energy for her to drink from the bottle so she's exhausted by the end of a feed.  With her milk thickened, it's like drinking a milkshake.  I'm so proud of our little girl and very thankful for her progress today!  She's starting to wake now which is a good sign that hopefully she's hungry and ready for her next bottle.  She may be tiny, but she's one determined little girl!

Here are pictures from our "photo shoot" for her one month birthday.  She was hungry so she wasn't too amused.  We're looking forward to her two month photo shoot being at home!

Obviously the photo shoot was over at this point! 

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