Monday, October 10, 2011

Really Home

Considering I'm adjusting to life as a new mom with a newborn at HOME, I'm putting a lot of pictures on here instead of words so I don't have to think too much :)  After 8 weeks in Charleston, we made the journey back to Columbia on Saturday.  I still can't believe we're actually home, and we made it through this.  I know it's going to take a while before it actually hits us what all we went through.  It's amazing how there can be fleeting moments where I almost forget that she had open heart surgery and spent 5 weeks in the hospital now that we are home.  We are so incredibly thankful that at this point we get to treat her as a regular newborn.  How great is it that my worries now are when is she due to eat again, how much sleep will we get, will I get a shower today, and how many outfits will she go through in a day??  One day I'll hopefully be able to put into words my thoughts about how far we've come - just not yet.

Funny moment yesterday - I told Andrew that I needed to run to Target for a few things, and he said he'd go with me.  Then we both went, "Oh yeah, we've got a baby to take care of and can't just run out!"  On the feeding front - Adeline is definitely working on a double chin - way to go baby girl!  

Adeline has an appointment with her cardiologist tomorrow and pediatrician on Thursday.  I think I better pack her diaper bag now or who knows what will make it in there in the morning!  

All snuggled up after her bath

With Gelle and Pops

First time on her tummy

Think they look alike??

One of her many faces

Adeline's first trip to the beach and our farewell to the beach (for now)

First nap in her crib - she's got plenty of space to stretch out!


  1. How exciting to be home!!!! Fabulous news, I am so excited for you and your family!

    Much love,
    Mary Anne

  2. How wonderful!!! That precious little girl is such a blessing - even when youre changing her outfit for what may be the third or fourth time in a day ... :)Please let us know when visitors are OK - Adair says hello!

  3. Such wonderful news to hear you are really home! she is so beautiful...I just smile when I see the pictures.

  4. I think she looks JUST like her Daddy (except feminine and so beautiful)!! So glad ya'll are home and able to worry about the normal newborn things. So fun!