Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Good Day and a Bad Day

Happy Two Weeks Adeline!!

Adeline continues to do well, and the doctors are very pleased with her progress.  However, yesterday we did receive some unexpected news.  Since surgery, Adeline's cry has been very weak (she had a good cry prior to surgery), and the doctors are concerned that her vocal cords could have been damaged during surgery or related procedures.  ENT came yesterday to check her vocal cords.  They weren't able to get a great look because she wasn't very happy about being scoped, but they thought the left vocal chord was not moving.  Apparently, the nerve controlling the left vocal chord sits right next to her aortic arch that was repaired.  ENT is going to check her again on Monday to see if they can get a better view.

We were both incredibly shocked to hear this.  After so many days of good news, it hit us pretty hard.  We are so thankful and blessed to have been used to getting good news because that's not always the typical life in PCICU.  But at this point, it's now a wait and see game.  The doctor told us that in most cases function comes back in the vocal chord if it's just been damaged - but it could take a few days or even a few months.  However, if the nerve itself was severed during surgery, her left chord will never regain function.

We're told that generally when something like this happens early, babies compensate well.  If it's permanently damaged, Adeline would have to be closely watched for respiratory and feeding issues as well as receive speech/vocal therapy. We ask you to please pray for her vocal chord to get its function back.  We all know she's a fighter, and this is one more hurdle that she can hopefully overcome.

We also had some good news yesterday.  Two more of her lines were pulled so now she only has 1 heart line, her PICC line, and her chest tube.  She's also able to start her feeds again (through the NG tube) which makes her a happier baby.  She's getting all the nourishment she needs, but we can tell she's one hungry little baby, and we need to fatten her up!  Also, we've started to hear talk of moving to the step down unit.  If all goes well, this will probably happen sometime beginning of the week.  She'll then have her own room, and we'll be able to hold her and take care of her!

All snuggled up with her bunny.  She has lots of friends to keep her company!

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  1. Christin! I had no idea! Thanks for all of the updates on sweet Adeline. Tucker and I are praying for you guys, that God would strengthen little Adeline and you and Andrew. We love you guys (this is erika, btw)