Saturday, September 17, 2011


Another good day for Adeline!  Andrew and I feel better about her vocal chords after talking to some more doctors and nurses.  They were reassuring in that this can be typical, and in most cases function returns, but you have to be patient.  The ENT team is doing a thorough scope Monday, so we'll know more then as to whether it's a temporary or more permanent thing. But for as many hurdles as she has already overcome, we have to feel confident that she'll overcome this hurdle as well.  We know that she is our little miracle child and the answer to so many prayers. We could already tell a difference today in Adeline's cry - it's still hoarse, but it sounds better and stronger. So, we hope this is a positive sign.

We joked today that we should have taken a picture of all of her medications, pumps, and lines each day to document them as they decreased.  As of now, Adeline is only on one medication!  She's on full feeds of breastmilk through her NG tube, and hopefully in a few days she'll get to eat by mouth.  If all goes well, her last lines will come out either tomorrow or Monday, and then we'll get to move to the goal destination of 8D (step down)!  Her nurses keep telling us to rest up now because we'll get to take care of her once she's in 8D and feel like more normal parents of a newborn.  Andrew and I worked today to master our tag teaming of changing diapers - Adeline is definitely not a fan of having a diaper changed but then again she also doesn't like having a dirty diaper either. 

We cannot thank you enough for all of the prayers, love, and messages for our sweet Adeline.

I like my hat

Adeline and her friends

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  1. We pray fo you daily. Adeline is gorgeous and so brave.