Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back to the Good Stuff

Like my pretty outfit?! 

After a very frustrating day yesterday, the doctors finally decided to let Adeline return to breast milk.  She didn't keep any formula down yesterday, and it was so hard to watch her get sick.  I can't imagine how her little body felt.  We all agreed that she obviously does not tolerate the nonfat formula - I had been thinking this all along.  The reason why she had to switch to the nonfat formula in the first place was because her lymph nodes in her chest area were leaking fat as a result of surgery so she could not have breast milk.   She was only losing a very small amount, and the hope is that a week off breast milk has given her lymph nodes time to heal.  The original plan was for her to be on the nonfat formula for 6 weeks. 

After talking to her surgeon yesterday about all of our frustrations with her feeding and not truly seeing any progress, he made the decision to switch her back to breast milk.  Once again yesterday he told us how great her heart looks :)  I gathered this morning that once he makes a decision, everyone basically says yes sir.  I'm so thankful that we had the chance to talk to him yesterday because I was preparing myself for battle this morning during rounds to push for a change knowing that the formula simply wasn't going to work.  Everyone on the unit is very hopeful that she'll do well with the breast milk  and won't have any fluid buildup in her lungs due to losing fat.  We do have plans B and C made just in case, but I'm not anticipating us needing them.  Hopefully we'll now see constant progress instead of being stuck at a standstill.

No tubes at all!  Brief tubeless moment while the nurses were changing out feeding tubes. 

 Adeline is currently on feed #3 of the day, and so far she has done great!  I'm very optimistic and gave her a bath to get all of the yucky formula off and even dressed her in her first real shirt.  It's a big day for her :)  And to add to the good news, we got moved again and now have a room twice the size of our old room with a 3 window view of the Cooper River Bridge and sunlight!  Oh how nice it is to have natural sunlight in the room and see the world.  

It's hard to tell from the picture, but I think her hair is starting to have some red in it!

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  1. I love these pictures! She is just more beautiful each day! Thinking about you! Thrilled to hear about the room change! Sunlight can give you a whole new perspective!
    Much love!