Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hopefully Seeing Progress

I better not be jinxing us by the title of this post...but it seems that Adeline is making some progress with her feeding.  It's slow progress but hopefully we're moving in the right direction.  After a few rough days, she seems to be tolerating the formula a little bit better.  After my last post, the doctors cut off all of her feeds for well over 12 hours to give her stomach a break and to start all over again.  Adeline was not a happy girl that day because she was starving.  They've slowly increased her feeds, and the next move is to begin to compress the same volume over a shorter period of time (she's still getting continuous feeds).  She is still having a hard time keeping it all down, but we're starting to see some progress - slow as it seems the majority of the time.  There is no science as to how the doctors work to make feeding easier for cardiac babies - it's very much a constant wait and see game and a lot of patience.  Hopefully also being on the full regimen of reflux meds will help her out. 

Knowing that she's doing so well heart wise and we're able to care for her, it can be very difficult to have the patience we need right now.  We've had some frustrating days.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we're not there yet.  Adeline will let us know when she can tolerate the feeds and is ready to go home.  Andrew had her in the little bouncy seat by the window today so she could see the sunlight.  I kept telling her that there is a real world out there, and she'll really enjoy it once she sees it! 

In other news, she had her first "real" bath given by us yesterday (although it was more of a pat down with a wet washcloth, but we'll count it).  She's also been on 3 stroller rides in the past few days.  They were trips down to radiology and for an echo, but she seemed to enjoy seeing life outside of the unit.  She looked so tiny reclined in the stroller, and she had the constant look on her face saying "what in the world are you people doing with me?" Make sure to look at the pictures in the post below to see her in the stroller. 

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