Thursday, September 15, 2011

Slow and Steady

We've all been kicked out of the unit while they do a procedure on a little boy so I'm going to do a quick update. Adeline's continuing to do very well! She's passed all of her CPAP trials, and the ventilator is set to come out late this afternoon. She has some fluid on her lungs so they've given her extra time with the ventilator to try and get more of the fluid off her lungs. She's still on the quick end of the spectrum for getting the vent out. We can tell that she does not like the ventilator and wants it out. It's very hard to watch her try and cough the ventilator out. The nurses have put little pink mittens on her hands to keep her from grabbing at her ventilator, but she still somehow manages to get her hand around it so we have to keep a close eye on her!

She had an echo done this morning to check her repair. The cardiologist said that her arch repair "looked gorgeous." Everything in her heart looks good, and they will continue to closely monitor her mitral valve. Considering the number of echos that we have looked at of her heart, it's very easy to now see her arch repair and that she is getting the correct blood flow.

Instead of wearing a hat today, Adeline has a pink and white bow attached to the monitor on her forehead. I think she's looking to start a new fashion trend! Here's a photo:

And here are her mittens (from yesterday):


  1. Love it! Glad to see she's still doing great! You know there is this awesome pink number she could always wear if she's trying to make a fashion statement... :)

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