Friday, January 6, 2012

4 Months and Double Digits

It's hard to believe that Adeline is four months old!  It's so exciting to watch her learn new things and explore the world around her, but at the same time I keep telling her to slow down.  She may be a tiny little thing, but she is getting so big!  Adeline has finally hit double digits - at her appointment yesterday she was 10 lb 4 oz!  That would put her in the 1st percentile on the growth chart.  I was just excited that she was actually on the chart because I was worried she wouldn't be.  Some days I worry about her weight, but her pediatrician reassured me that she's very healthy and not to worry - she's just petite :)

Here are some things Adeline's up to at 4 months...
- she loves sitting in her bumbo and playing with toys
- everything goes straight to her mouth
- she has given us a few giggles, but she's pretty stingy on them compared to how readily she gives out smiles
- she'll roll from her tummy to back
- she'll roll to her side when trying to reach a toy she wants
- stares at Cooper all the time (I think they're both trying to figure out what the other one is)
- is very observant
- "talks" to us and gets upset if we don't understand her
- started going to story time at the library this week and so far I think she likes it

She's the best thing to happen to us!

And of course, lots of pictures...

Love that smile :)

With her new dog that she got from Santa

Can't help but laugh at this one.  It was a little cold so we brought the hat back!

Having a little cuddle time with Cooper

Sharing secrets maybe?

Petting Cooper's ear

Checking out her new doll - almost as big as she is!

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