Friday, December 23, 2011


There have been lots of firsts around here lately...

First time in the bumbo...I think the verdict is still out on this one

Finally pushing up, and she rolled 3 times the other day - not a fluke in my book!

Happy girl seeing Santa for the first time!  Obviously she loved the big guy!  I'm sure next year's picture will be one of a screaming Adeline

Wearing her Christmas tutu...yes I know it's a little much, but it came as part of the outfit!  (Notice Cooper had to get in the picture as well)

First neighborhood Christmas party 

Doing her leg exercises with her leg warmers on, but her legs are too skinny to keep them up :)
And our Christmas tree fell yesterday...that was a first...but sadly no pictures to document.  We still have to redecorate it or at least enough to make it look good in pictures.  I'm assuming next year Andrew will have it rigged up and tied to the walls.  

We're so excited to be celebrating Adeline's first Christmas as she is such an amazing gift.  Merry Christmas!!  

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  1. Adair will be sporting her tutu this weekend - love the photos! What a sweet girl!