Monday, August 22, 2011

Post-Weekend Update

One of the joys of being out on an island off the SC coast is that whenever a storm comes, the power goes out. Since I was smart enough to bring the battery backup from my office, and thanks to the iPhone's uncanny ability to broadcast WIFI, my little home office is still plugging along like normal. I even have a working desk light (battery backups really are great...).

Anyhow, Christin and I had a busy weekend. Her parents came down from Greenville to spend some time with us (and make sure we hadn't lost our minds yet). We appeared sane most of the time, so I think we were good there...

On Friday we went downtown for a while and got some great seafood. On Saturday we enjoyed the beach and the pool, and on Sunday we pretty much did the same thing as Saturday. After her folks left several of my friends who live down here came over for dinner. We all enjoyed catching up with one another - it had been several years since I last saw two of them.

All in all the weekend gave Christin and I what we both needed - some relaxation and fun before the storm of birth, surgeries and the pediatric cardiac ICU (which I keep referring to as the those crazy Japanese cartoon characters a kid down the street from us used to talk about).

On another note, most of you have probably heard by now that there happens to be a hurricane heading straight for the coast of SC. While we're hoping it decides to turn east and go out to sea, we have an appointment scheduled for Wednesday morning at MUSC where a decision will be made based upon Christin's (and Adeline's) progress, the weather and our insurance plan on whether or not Christin will go ahead and ask to be admitted ahead of the storm. Of course we really don't want this - we want Adeline to come on her own time (which could, of course, be anytime this week), and we don't particularly care for hurricanes.

So, hopefully the storm will bank hard to the east and make it's way out to sea. But, we have to be prepared and cautious either way. I just don't want Adeline's birth to be like the movies where the mother goes into labor during the eye of the storm and the father (that would be me in this case) ends up having to deliver the baby in their living room. Yeah...that's definetly not a good idea. We really don't want that...

Anyhow, Christin will be returning to you tomorrow, knowing that she should not have made fun of me for packing my battery backup unit since I was able to use the computer and she wasn't.

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